I’ve Got a Secret

I’m writing this blog like many other people to try to hold myself accountable to stop drinking.

I’ve been drinking daily for about 4 years now.  There, it’s out!  It’s mostly in secret, in the evening at home.  The family has no Idea how much or how often I really drink.  I’ve told my husband a few times that I drink every night and that I think I’m an alcoholic, but he doesn’t seem to think that I have a problem.  I’ve also mentioned it to a couple of my friends and they all seem to think I’m just fine.  I guess I’m probably what you would call a highly functional alcohol abuser.

I need to stop, mostly for my family.  They know I like my wine in the evening, but what they don’t know is that I REALLY like my wine in the evening and I drink a lot of it. I like drinking.  What I don’t like is feeling like crap all the time and what it is doing to my body.  I need to say enough is enough and just stop.

I tried stopping last month and it worked.  I tapered off over a couple of days and stopped…for three days.  Three awesome days. It was like an epiphany!  I was energized, I was funny again, I didn’t feel like I was in a fog. I thought to myself “If this is what it’s like to not drink then I’m in”. Then I drank a bottle of wine and it’s was all over.  I’ve been drinking every night since.

We’re leaving for a vacation tomorrow and I really don’t want to make the 11 hour drive hungover. I hope that this coming week will be a time to relax and quit.

Stay tuned!